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Opening hours: Monday-Friday, Closed on Holidays
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Date Published March, 2013

As Seen on TV:"Windshield Warning"

"Windshield Warning as Seen on TV".

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     Welcome to Able Auto Glass, your first choice for Houston Auto Glass Repair and Houston Windshield Replacement. Our parent company (Argonauts) has been servicing customers of Houston, TX and surrounding areas since 1992. We offer Houston Auto Glass Replacement and Houston Windshield Repair please visit our New Central Location-See Map Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 10 am to 7 pm and Saturday by prior appointment only. Houston Windshield Repair of Rock chips, as small as a pinhead to as large as a silver dollar, and long cracks up to 12" can be repaired by us.

Houston Auto Glass Repair & Replace

     We offer Houston Auto Glass Replacement and Repair of back windows, door glass, quarter glass, vent glass, windscreens and windshields. Houston Windshield safe-drive-away time is 1 hour with Dow BetaSeal 1 . When practical, OEM glass will be installed. Lifetime Warranty leakage on all auto glass replacements and rock chip repairs. Thank you for your auto glass search of Able Auto Glass.

We are Lynx Services from PPG, Lynx Used by State Farm Insurance and Lynx Used by Allstate Insurance.  Lynx Services is your choice....We also work with the Safelite Glass Network.Approved!



Apples hitting your windshield?

When I was a child, we heard on the local news that Kangaroo meat was used by accident at a chain restaurant that we frequently attended. We all got up and hopped around like Kangaroos. It was so funny.

Are all Apples the same? No, they are different shapes, sizes, tastes and types. When you go shopping, do you find yourself looking at the ingredients or just the price of what you want to eat? When you go to the movies or read a book, do you just buy it because of the price or because of reviews or recommendations from others? Whenever you go out to eat have you noticed the price difference from a fast food restaurant to a sit down one? Or maybe, why one sit down restaurant costs more than another? Well, it might be the chef cooking the food or the way they prepare it and/or the quality of the ingredients in the food.

Anyway back to the point. Replacing your windshield is the same you get what you pay for. Don't just call and ask for a price. Find out what you are getting.

Tip: Find out who will be replacing your windshield and the technician name, how long they worked there, their experience, what products they're using, do they prime the pinchweld to prevent future rust and can they save your stickers, how soon after the job is completed can you drive it safely by asking them what is the "Safe Drive-Away Time?"

If they don't know the last one above, my advice would be to run.

Please take the time to visit our site as a lot of work has been put into it and it will help you as a consumer to make a wise choice.


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