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Auto Glass Glossary

A-Pillar Molding

Normally attach with metal, nylon or plastic retainers and is located on the left and right side of the windshield between the roof and the hood. Auto Glass _ glass that is installed on a vehicle’s body.

Back Glass

Is the auto glass located in the very back of the vehicle and some may refer to this as the back window.

Back Window

See back glass above.

Blue Tape

Used to hold the auto glass in place while it meets the SDAT- Safe Drive Away Time.

Blue Tint

Normally seen on old Toyotas and new Mercedes auto glass. Hold a white piece of paper under the glass to confirm the color.

Butyl Tape

A black sealant used on bolt in back, quarter and side auto glass. It is also used in most windshield moldings to help adhesion to the auto glass windshield.


An OEM brand normally installed on Nissan at the auto manufacturer.


An OEM brands that is typical installed on Ford, Lincoln, Mazda Pickup and Mercury.


The black or grayish panel the runs the length of your windshield below the windshield wipers. Defroster- is not the same as a heated windshield. The defroster is controlled by the a/c and heater controls on the dashboard.


Is located around the perimeter of the frit on most vehicles for extra decoration.

Electrochromic Mirrors

Automatically dim at night when someone high beam shines onto the mirror to reduce glare.


Please see our Photo and read our Blog about the Third Visor Frit.

Green Tint

The most common color of modern windshields. If you are unsure the color hold a white piece of paper to the inside of the windshield and look from the outside to confirm the color.

Heated Windshields

Most vehicles are not heated. Look for a horizontal line near the lower part of your windshield. The color is typically black to gray or may be gold. Land Rovers have a wire mesh embedded into the windshield. Infrared

Laminated Glass

Two layers of plate glass are sandwiched between one layer of PVB that reduces noise and actually cracks similar to a front windshield.
See Photo

Long Knife

Is a auto glass technician knife used to remove auto glass urethane and assit in removing auto glass.


Attaches to the perimeter of the windshield either on top, three sides or in rare cases all the way around the glass. Normally made of rubber or metal and should be replaced when your windshield is replaced since it may tear or the butyl or adhesive that is on the molding separates when removed from windshield.


Rain Sensor

Is a sensor attach to the front windshield. When turn on it will detect when it rains and turn your windshield wipers on automatically. It is located near your rearview mirror and is typically visible from the outside.

Side Glass

Located on the sides of vans and utility vehicles. They may be between the front doors glass and the quarter windows. Some even open outwards.




Means the auto glass does not open.


Located on the roof and it may open.


The color of the auto glass or may be considered window film.


Adhesive used to attach the auto glass to the vehicle. We use Dow Chemical BetaSeal 1 with a 1 Hour Safe Drive Away Time ( Data on BetaSeal 1 PDF File)

Vent Glass

The glass located normally in the back door and does not move. Older vehicles may have these on the front doors either moveable or stationary.