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This page is about auto glass news and how it may affect your buying decision.The news on this page is from other sources and will be reference in our reports here at Able Auto Glass in Houston, Texas.

Say Good Bye to Pilkington?

Date November 14, 2011

What will happen to the Pilkington Brand Name as the new owners NSG will start using their logos to brand the Pilkington Glass? Read more about this in the following article. We will post any BUG photos as they come available.

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NGA Sold?

Date September 7, 2011

NGA sold there certification portion of their business to the AGRSS. Able Auto Glass has been certified by the NGA since 2002 and will miss the NGA certification program.

Our first certification was in 2002 and a test was taken every 3 years to renew our certification. We will miss being certified by the NGA and continue upholding to the highest standards on replacement and repair learned throughout the years.

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Who is Vitro?

Date May 9, 2011

Auction of Vitro America Assets including Binswanger Glass that has locations here in Houston, TX will take place in early June of this year. They also have one flat glass manufacture located in Houston, TX off 288 near 6-10 that maybe auction off.

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Say Goodbye Carlite

Date April 1, 2011

Sales of Zeledyne Glass the OEM for Ford with the brand name Carlite was sold today to April 1, 2011 to Central Glass Co. Ltd based out of Japan. A few years back Zeledyne went into a business deal with Central Glass Co to form a new auto glass manufacturing company called Carlex. Later Zeledyne sold its portion of the new company to Central Glass Co. Ltd. Carlite and Carlex are a great fit for one another and should continue bringing great products to the OEM and aftermarket.

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What's in a Brand?

Date December 31, 2010

PGW and Xinyi are establishing a joint venture using the DOT 563. The glass is manufacture in China by Xinyi and has the PGW bug with the DOT 563. It may be a matter of time before we start seeing PGW, which is an OEM have China made glass installed in new vehicles during the manufacturing process

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Another One Bite the Dust

Date March 8, 201

Sika Corporation purchased Adco Products and the Titan Brand

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No Not Vitro

Date June 24, 2009

Vitro North America sells all of their auto glass stock and customers to PGW also known as PPG. With Vitro out of the market the supply chain in Houston, TX is reduce down from three original equipment manufacturers down to only two


Date Sometime in 2008

PPG sold its company to Kohlberg and Company to a U.S. private equity firm. They changed their name from PPG to PGW along with the DOT 904.

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