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Rust Along Pinchweld


     These are only a few photos of vehicle that have come through our shop that we have taken photos of for this slide show. If you are watching this you may ask how did this happen? Well it is a good possibility that when the auto glass was replace the pinchweld was scratched or cut with a metal tool.

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     When this happens it so important for the auto glass technician to prime with black pinchweld primer to prevent future rust from forming. Of course the pinchweld needs to be clean and dry before any primer is applied. Most primers need to flash or dry for 10 to 15 minutes before the auto glass is installed onto the vehicle. We had one customer tell us the installer said he did not need to prime the pinchweld because the urethane was primerless to auto glass. The new seal maybe primerless to auto glass but if the pinchweld is scratch or nick in anyway it must be primed.




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