Infiniti QX56 Laminated Glass Replaced

     This is a slide show of a 2008 Infiniti QX56 front left door glass replacement that is Laminated. Laminated glass is a piece of plastic PVB sandwich between two flat pieces of glass. When this glass breaks it will crack and is typically harder for a thief to break-in vehicle. It also may give the occupants a quieter ride experience over temper glass. Laminated glass is typically more expensive than the traditional temper glass that exists in most vehicles on the road today.

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     When replacing this door glass it is important not to disconnect the window switch at the harness. There are three screws to unlatch the window switch from the switch cover and four clips attaching the side view mirrors control. If the window is broken and moved up to far with the window switch the auto down and up operation may not work. This is called the Anti-Pinch that is a safety feature on the Infiniti QX56. The overall job is not too hard but special care must be taken not to break or damage the door panel and cables. When installing the laminated glass make sure the window is not too hot or too cold as this may cause the glass to crack while installing. Also, it really important not to put any stress on the glass by flexing the window as it may crack during the installation. Once installed onto the regulator bring the auto glass up real slowly and make sure the glass is in the window guide. These are not instructions just tips that should be considered when replacing a laminated door glass on an Infiniti QX56 2007-2010. We normally like to take a photo of vehicle that we place onto our website but it was raining after the replacement was completed. If you need your glass replaced or have any questions about this slide show please call or send us an E-mail.



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