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Acura MDX 2007-2012 Electrochromic Mirror, Acoustic Interlayer


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     This is a slide show of an Acura MDX front windshield replacement. The part number used is a FW02703GBN made by Pilkington in Mexico. To start with we mark the location of the windshield wipers prior to removal. A-pillar Drip Rail Molding is Removed by starting at roof and working down to bottom of the windshield. Next the cowl is removed since it sits just above the windshield and would interfere with the proper placement during installation. The molding is pulled off and discarded. A clean brush is used to clean the dirt that is in the area between the auto glass and body. We use auto glass cut-out tools to remove the windshield and then we place on a stand for stickers to be transferred. The pinchweld is cleaned again with filtered water and paper towels to remove any more dirt. Next the old seal is trimmed down to 2 to 5 mm thin with special care of not scratching or cutting the pinchweld.

     After removal of the old seal we make sure this area is dry of any water prior to priming of scratches or nicks that may have occurred during removing the old windshield and seal. We prime this area to help prevent future rust from forming along the contact area of the new seal. A lot of installer skip this step either they are in a hurry, don't care or just not aware of the consequence of not priming. Please see our Slide Show on Rust. While the primer is drying which normally takes 10 minutes we prepare the new windshield by cleaning the glass with a Scott-Brite and window cleaner to remove contaminates from the sealant contact area. Then the window stickers are transferred from the old glass to the new one.

     Next, we place 2 suction cups on the windshield on each side and place the new windshield in the opening for a 2 person set. By using two people we are able to position the window on the pinchweld for a better set. Within 1 hour after placement this Acura will be safe to drive by using Adco Titan Pro 1 Urethane. Hope you enjoyed our slide show and if you have any questions please call 832-413-2253 or E-mal us.


     These prices below are an estimate and the actual price may vary depending on availability of the auto glass part from our suppliers and brand used. The price includes everything seen above in our slide show but does not include any rust repair or A-pillar Clips that may break. Call for details or fill in our form on our Home Page.


     Important Notice:  There are two other windshield part numbers that fit this Acura MDX that are not Acoustic Interlayer but will fit your vehicle. You can view the Slide Show on Bugs/Logos that are on the windshield to verify that you are actually purchasing a Acoustic Interlayer windshield. At the time this was posted China Made windshields do not have the Acoustic Interlayer properties made into the glass.


Updated on July 1, 2012

  • Windshield Acoustic Inner Layer & Electrochromic Mirror $366 with tax
  • Windshield Acoustic Layer - without an Electrochromic Mirror $345 with tax



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