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Acura RL 2008 Windshield Replacement

     This is a slide show of a 2008 Acura RL front windshield replacement at our shop on Naomi Street. Our client was driving and a quarter glass from another vehicle detached from the opening and hit his front windshield. The flying quarter glass placed really deep scratches into the drivers side viewing area part of the windshield on impact. The side A-pillar molding are really hard to remove and may need replacing along with the metal clips that attach to the body A-pillars. I actually removed the passengers side molding which took about 30 minutes without breaking the A-pillar Molding. These A-pillar Molding are similar to the Acura TSX that must be replaced during windshield removal. I have included a copy of the Acura Service Bulletin pertaining to the replacement of the A-pillar Molding and Retainers. The drivers side A-pillar Molding broke during impact by the flying quarter glass from the 2 door coupe. If you are watching this slide show please read more below either before or after viewing.

Read more below slide show.

     It took another 45 minutes to remove the cowl and without breaking any plastic clips or moldings. Here at Able Auto Glass we remove 99 percent of all cowls so that we maybe able to set the new windshield directly on top of the seal. After, the windshield is removed the pinchweld is cleaned, trimmed with a stubby knife down to 1-2 mm thin, cleaned again with filter water, dried and primed with black pinchweld primer to help prevent future rust. On this windshield replacement we used BetaPrime 540A, BetaPrime 5500SA and BetaSeal 1 urethane/sealant with a 1 Hour Safe Drive Away Time for our customers safety. Hint: Always ask the installer or customer service representative for the Safe Drive Away Time before driving your vehicle and this is not just for your safety but your occupants. I would rate this as a very long job considering the A-pillar molding removal and the decorative engine compartment covers that must be removed prior to removing the cowl and wipers. Can't wait for our next Acura RL front windshield replacement so if you have any questions please E-mail or call us today.