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Chevy Colorado 2004-2011


     Here is a slide show of a Chevrolet Colorado front windshield replacement which has dots around the rear view mirror also know as a third visor frit. This is the 3rd sun visor that is actually made into the glass for protection from the suns glare. If you want to have your windshield replaced you will have a choice of either with or without a blue shade along the top with the third visor. Our customer in this slide show chooses no shade for his new windshield.

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     The A-pillar moldings can bend very easily and should be removed with care as not to damage the paint while removing. If the windshield has been replace previously the side moldings may have urethane holding them in place and may need replacing. I placed the new seal on the body with only 2 seams one at the top right corner and the other in the lower middle right. The old urethane does not run along the edge of the glass as in most vehicles but an immeasurable distance from the edge of the glass. The distance around the corner is very tight and if not placed exactly may cause a leak. In order to have a neat and clean replacement we had to place the new seal onto the body. The overall job took about 1 hour to remove and prep and 1 hour for the safe drive away time to be met. If you have any questions about the slide show or comments please call or send E-mail.




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