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Ford Escape 2010 Fred Loya Windshield Replacement




     Important Notice:  There is another windshield part number that fits this Ford Escape it is not an Acoustic Interlayer but will fit your vehicle. You can view the Slide Show on Bugs/Logos that are on the windshield to verify that you are actually purchasing a Acoustic Interlayer windshield. At the time this was posted China Made windshields do not have the Acoustic Interlayer properties made into the glass.

     These prices below are an estimate and the actual price may vary depending on availability of the auto glass part from our suppliers and brand used. The price includes everything seen above in our slide show but does not include any rust repair or Cowl Clips that may break. Call for details or fill in our form on our Pricing Page.


Updated on July 1, 2012

  • Windshield With Third Visor Frit and Acoustic Interlayer - OEM Carlite $319 with tax
  • Windshield With Third Visor Frit - OEE $229 with tax



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