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Ford Mustang 2000 Windshield Replacement


     This is a replacement of 2000 Ford Mustang front windshield replacement with the Mustang Pony Logo above the rear view mirror and one Little Pony in the lower center. The windshield removal took about 1.5 hour including the wipers, cowl and side moldings. Next I clean, trim and primed the pinchweld to prevent future rust from forming.

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     We used 2 people with suctions cups to set this windshield for better placement. The brand of glass used on this Mustang was Carlite that is an OEM brand for Ford. The part number that was used for this installation is a DW01369GTY that comes with the molding attach to the glass. Most of our customers with Ford Mustangs like to keep their cars as close to original as possible. This particular windshield has the Mustang Pony Logo both at the top and bottom of the windshield.

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