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Ford Taurus 2000-2007 Windshield Replacement


     This show is the replacement of a Ford Taurus 2005 front windshield replacement that took approximately 1 hour to replace and 1 hour before it was safe to drive. The overall replacement is pretty simple but maybe hard to remove depending on the outside temperature.

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     Once the wipers and cowl are removed the windshield is cutout of the car. We then clean the outer area of the pinchweld where the old seal makes contact with the body. Then we trim the seal down to 2 to 5 mm thin and make sure it is still clean in this area. After it all clean and dry it is primed with black pinchweld primer to prevent future rust. The windshield is prepared for installation while the primer is drying and then installed. Next we documented the time the windshield is set so that we may release the car once it is safe to drive.




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