Honda S2000 2009 Windshield Replaced


      Hello, and thank you for watching this slide show for a replacement of a Yellow 2009 Honda S2000. Our customer choose to go with an aftermarket brand that was Made in the USA by SGC with the DOT 65. This brand is an OEE Original Equipment Equivalent that fitted perfectly onto the pinchweld of his S2000. We used a new molding around the windshield as the old one stretch upon removal. The adhesive tape on the old molding used to adhere to the windshield lost its adhesion properties..

Please enjoy the slide show and read more below.



     The first photo is a side view emblem of the S2000 so as to confirm the vehicle in the slide show. Next, we open the hood to remove the windshield wipers and the cowl and notice a beautiful engine under the hood.

     After the cowl has been removed it is set in a safe place as not to be damaged during the replacement. Then we use blue tape to mark the area where the molding is to ensure that no black primer is placed above this area. It also reduces the chances of scratching the vehicle during removal. Once the windshield is removed and placed on our windshield stand the old seal is trimmed. A stubby knife is used to remove the old urethane seal down to 2 mm thin as recommend by our urethane manufacture.

     Next, the area along the pinchweld is cleaned with reverse osmosis water and allowed to dry before applying Beta Prime 5404A Black Pinchweld Primer. By using the pinchweld primer it helps prevent future rust from forming around pinchweld. While the pinchweld is drying the new windshield is scrubbed and clean along the black frit area where the new urethane makes contact with the body.

     You can see a photo of the new molding that is used on this windshield replacement. If you notice in the slide show the molding with the red tape that is removed prior to installing the new molding. The gray color you see on the molding is the tape that will insure the molding will bond to the new windshield. The urethane that we used on this Honda S2000 is manufacture by Dow Chemical and the brand is BetaSeal One. Dow BetaSeal One requires the windshield to be clean and primed with Beta Prime 5500SA glass primer.

     While the primers are flashing all stickers are transferred to the new windshield along with the rearview mirror. Two suction cups are placed on the windshield for a two person set for better placement. We documented the time the windshield was set to insure the safe drive away time will be met before releasing the vehicle. By using Dow BetaSeal One with a 1 Hour Safe Drive Away Time our customer was able to drive his vehicle home knowing his Yellow 2009 Honda S2000 was safe to drive.

     Thank for reading and watching our slide show.


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