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Honda Accord Sedan 2008-2011 Windshield Replacement


     Slide show of a front windshield replacement on a 2009 Honda Accord 4 door Sedan using new molding.

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     The drip rail molding is removed that sets along the roof and A-pillar prior to removing the windshield. Special care is taken not to break any clips that attach to this molding. If any plastic clips break they should be replaced before reinstalling the windshield. As you may notice in this slide show we remove the wipers and cowling. The cowling sits just under the windshield wipers and above the windshield. It is almost always best to remove the cowl especially in the Honda Accord Sedan 2008-2011 for a cleaner removal and replacement. These clips may also break and should be replace if broken during removal of the cowl. Next the top rubber molding is removed from the old windshield and discarded. The molding on this car has a double sided adhesive that will separate off the windshield once removed. Using the same molding might be similar to reusing tape from a wrap present. Used tape will not adhere with the same adhesive properties as meant by the manufacture. This is the reason why we use new molding for windshield replacements. Next the pinchweld around the windshield is dusted, cut out with profession auto glass tools and placed on a windshield stand.

     The area where the auto glass is bonded to the vehicle is cleaned again with filtered water, then dried and trimmed down to 1-2mm thin using the �Full Cut Method.� Any area that may have been nicked or scratch is then primed with Adco UP100 Pinchweld Primer to help prevent future rust from forming. While waiting for the primer to flash or dry which is 10 minutes, the new windshield is prepared for placement. The windshield is cleaned, new molding is installed, all stickers are transferred and two suction cups are placed on the windshield.

     On this particular 2009 Honda Accord Sedan the new seal Adco Titan Pro 1 is placed directly onto the new windshield on three sides and the rest is placed on the old seal along the bottom. The sealant is placed by using a Triangle Shape Bead and a power gun for better consistency of placement onto the new windshield and body. We use two people with suction cups to place the windshield onto the body of the vehicle for better placement. The parts are then placed back on the car in the reverse order they were removed form the sedan. We were able to install a Pilkington Brand glass made in Mexico with the DOT 177 on this 2009 Honda Accord .

   Thank you for taking to read the previous sentences and watching our slide show.




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