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Honda Pilot 2003-2008 Windshield Replace


     Short slide show of a Honda Pilot 2003-2008 Windshield Replace.

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     The windshield replacement for the Honda Pilot 2009 Windshield Replace took about 2 hours to complete including the 1 Hour Safe Drive-Away Time. The wipers and cowl is removed following the think rubber molding that surround the top and side edge of the windshield. Next the windshield is removed using auto glass cut-out tools. The pinchweld is cleaned using filter water and paper towels to remove any dirt from the area. We then trim the old seal down to 1-2mm thin using the Full Cut Method and prim any nicks or scratches to help prevent future rust from forming.


     While the primer is drying the windshield is cleaned and prepared by installing new molding for a better fit. All stickers and rear view mirror are transferred to the new windshield. We use two people to set the windshield for better placement. After the windshield is installed blue tape is used to hold the glass in place while curing. Adco Titan Pro 1 urethane is used on this 2009 Honda Pilot giving it a 1 Hour-Safe-Drive-Away-Time. All parts are reinstalled in reverse order.


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