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Honda Ridgeline 2006-2012 Windshield Replacement


     Slide show of a Honda Ridgeline 2010 windshield replacement.

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     The windshield replacement for the Honda Ridgeline took about 4 hours to complete due to the heating element attach to the windshield. Once the wipers and cowl are removed the windshield is cut out using auto glass cut-out tools. The speaker cover and glove box must be removed to reconnect the new heating elements for the new windshield. Most vehicle have this wire either behind the A-pillar moldings on the inside or under the cowl. But on the Honda Ridgeline it is located under the dash behind the glove box.

   The pinchweld is cleaned using filter water and paper towels to remove any dirt from the area. We then trim the old seal down to 1-2 mm thin using the Full Cut Method and prim any nicks or scratches to help prevent future rust from forming. While the primer is drying the windshield is cleaned and prepared by installing dealer molding for a better fit. All stickers and rear view mirror are transferred to the new windshield. We use two people to set the windshield for better placement. After the windshield is installed blue tape is used to hold the glass in place while curing. Adco Titan Pro 1 urethane is used on this Honda Ridgeline giving it a 1 Hour-Safe-Drive-Away-Time. All parts are reinstalled in reverse order.

     If you have any questions please call or E-mail us.


     These prices below are an estimate and the actual price may vary depending on availability of the auto glass part from our suppliers and brand used. The price includes everything seen above in our slide show but does not include any rust repair or A-pillar and Cowl Clips that may break. Call for details or fill in our form on our Pricing Page.


Updated on July 1, 2012

  • Windshield (With Sunroof/Electrochromic) Heated Wiper Park Area - Solar $339 with tax
  • Windshield (Without Sunroof/Electrochromic) Heated Wiper Park Area - Solar $329 with tax



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