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Jeep Wrangler 2007-2016


     This is a slide show of a Jeep Wrangler front windshield replacement. Our customer choice was to use an OEM Safeguard glass with the part number of DW1668GTN that was made in Mexico with the DOT 46. It was actually made at the same place as his original windshield.

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     The windshield does not have any moulding surrounding the glass as in most vehicles. It has a very tight fit around the windshield opening next to the body. Special care was given by applying blue 1" tape all around the inside walls of the pinchweld between the auto glass and body. By using a "Paint Protector Cold Knife Blade" in conjunction with the tape it reduce the chances of scratching the pinchweld walls. Once the windshield was removed the area between the old seal and the walls were dusted and cleaned with water from contaminates. At this point a short stubby knife was used to trim the old seal down to 2-5mm thin and black pinchweld primer was applied on the outer edge of the old seal.


     We do this as a preventive measure just incase me miss a nick or a scratch that may not be visible to the naked eye. By applying black pinchweld primer to scratches it will reduce or prevent future rust from forming which could lead to adhesion failure and leakage. The new sealant Adco Titan Pro 1 with a 1 Hour Safe Drive Away Time was used in this replacement with a Milwaukee power-caulking gun. This was used to apply a fresh urethane bead on the glass with a V-notch. There is only one joint at the lower corner on the passengers side and the urethane is about .5 inches from the outer edge. This prevented the urethane from squashing out the side's closes to the body.


     We use two people to set this windshield for better placement which is very important since there can be no room for error with such a small pinchweld. As a guide wooden Popsicle sticks were used as a spacer between the auto glass and the outer walls of the body of the Jeep. The space was verified prior to removal of the old windshield. This allowed an even space between the windshield and the body. If the windshield ever needs to be replaced in the future it will be easily accessible. If you have any question about this slide show or a replacement please call or E-mail us




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