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Lexus IS 250 2006-2011


     This is a short slide of a 2008 Lexus IS 250 without rain sensor but with a third visor frit windshield replacement. This IS 240 is very similar to replacements on a Lexus IS 350 2006-2001 and a IS-F 2008-2001 the windshield may differ from attachments on the glass. Before removing the cowl and wipers the engine covers must be removed to have access to the cowl clips. All this takes time along with removing the A-pillar moldings on both sides. The A-pillar moldings are made out of plastic and typically break when removed due to Thermal Degradation (link opens in new tab) from the heat. Sometime the blue plastic clips that hold the A-pillar molding in place on the body will need replacing too. In this slide show we replaced the A-pillar Molding and 5 Blue Retainer Clips on each side with new ones purchased from the dealer.

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    We used a paint protector cold knife blade and blue tape to protect the outer walls from being scratch during removal. Once removed the pinchweld was cleaned from dirt and the old seal trimmed down to 1-2 mm thin. Next we cleaned the area again and primed the pinchweld to help prevent future rust from forming. While the primer is drying the windshield is prep for installation by cleaning, transfer all sticker and installing two suction for a two person installation. The sealant used on this installation was Adco Titan Pro 1 with a 1 hour safe drive-away time. This installation took 3 to 4 hours to complete.


    Hope you enjoyed this slide show and please fell free to see our other slide shows on this site. If you have any question please call or E-mail us.



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