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Toyota Corolla 2009-2011 Front Windshield - Acoustic Interlayer


     Hi and thank you for viewing our short slide show for a 2009 Toyota Corolla front windshield replacement. The Corolla from 2009-2011 requires an Acoustic Interlayer Windshield for replacement that gives the occupants a quite ride over a Non-Acoustic Interlayer. The price for an Acoustic Interlayer Windshield is a bit higher than a Non-Acoustic Interlayer Windshield. This is something to keep in mind when shopping for a replacement windshield on your Toyota Corolla. From our experience glass made in China with the same part number FW02899 and FW02959 may not have the Acoustic Interlayer in the windshield.


     When we replaced this windshield the cowl and wipers were removed prior to cutting out the windshield. Once removed the pinchweld was cleaned from dirt and the old seal trimmed down to 1-2 mm thin. Next we clean the area again and prime the pinchweld to help prevent future rust from forming. While the primer is drying the windshield is prep for installation by cleaning, transfer all sticker and installing two suction for a two person installation. Hope you enjoyed this slide show and please fell free to see our other slide shows on this site. If you have any question please call or E-mail us.


     Important Notice:  There are other windshield part numbers that fits this Toyota Corolla. That does not have the Acoustic Interlayer Properties but will fit your vehicle. You can view the Slide Show on Bugs/Logos that are on the windshield to verify that you are actually purchasing a Acoustic Interlayer windshield. At the time this was posted China Made windshields do not have the Acoustic Interlayer properties made into the glass.

     The price below are an estimate and the actual price may vary depending on availability of the auto glass part from our suppliers and brand used. The price includes everything seen above in our slide show but does not include any rust repair or cowl clips. Non-acoustic and non-solar will have a cheaper price than what is listed below. Call for details or fill in our form on our Pricing Page.


Updated on October 10, 2016

  • Windshield with Solar, Third Visor, Acoustic Interlayer - $339 plus tax
  • Windshield with Solar, Third Visor Non-Acoustic Interlayer - $289 plus tax




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