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Toyota Prius 2010-2011


     Thanks for viewing this slide show for a replacement of a Toyota Prius with a Third Visor Frit around the rearview mirror. The part number of the windshield used on this installation was FW03138GTN made by Pilkington in Mexico. We also used new under sided molding by OE Tech made in the USA.

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     To start this installation we tape all the outer edges of the pinchweld wall to prevent scratching the vehicle during the auto glass removal. Next the wiper location is also marked with blue tape prior to removal. The cowl and wipers are removed from the Prius and set aside during removal of the windshield. A Cold Knife Paint Protector Blade was used during removal to protect the outer vehicle walls from being scratched. The pinchweld is cleaned with Reverse Osmosis Water and paper towels to remove dirt and grime. Performing the "Full Cut Method" the old seal was trimmed with a Stubby Knife down to 1-2 mm thin. The walls are cleaned again with Reverse Osmosis Water and allowed to dry. Dow BetaSeal Pinchweld Primer was applied to the pinchweld to prevent future rust from forming. We cleaned the windshield, installed new molding, applied glass primer, and transfer all stickers to the new auto glass.


    The adhesive used for this installation was made by Dow Chemical and the brand BetaSeal 1 with a 1 hour safe drive away time. The new windshield was installed by two people with suction cups for better placement. If you have any questions please call or send us an E-mail



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