Toyota Sienna Windshield Replacement


     Short slide show of a Sienna windshield replacement.

We didn't take very many photos on this vehicle as in some of the other slide shows on our site. The first picture shows the hood up right before the windshield wipers and cowl are removed. The heating element connector is under the cowling and should be disconnected prior glass removal.

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    Once this windshield was removed the pinchweld was cleaned of dirt, grime and other contaminates around the parameter of the old seal. Then the old seal was trimmed down to 1-2 mm thin and the outer walls were primed to help prevent future rust from forming. We used two extra sets of suction cups just incase one would have failed. This windshield is large and heavy and needs to be replaced with two people for better placement. We used Adco Titan Pro 1 that had a 1 Hour Safe Drive Away Time. If you have any question please call the number on this page or send an E-mail.

   Thank you for watching this slide show.



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