Urethane Manufacturers for Auto Glass

Thank you for visiting this page with links to Urethane auto manufacturers. Here are some other names that are used by our customers for urethane: Seal, Black Gue, Caulk, Glue, Cement and Mauling. The proper name is Polyurethane, which is the substance that holds the auto glass to the body of your vehicle. Auto glass shops refer to this as Urethane. When you compare the Urethane auto manufacturers listed on the right, look at their Safe Drive-Away Time Charts and minimum/maximum temperatures for proper installations. Application temperatures are real important to assure a proper adhesion.

We use Dow BetaSeal 1here at Able Auto Glass

Dow Chemical Auto Glass Urethane


Dinol  Auto Glass Urethane

Sika Auto Glass Urethane

CR Laurence Auto Glass Urethane
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