Auto Glass Manufacturers

These are some of our OEM glass brands that Able Auto Glass in Houston, TX use for front windshield replacements and other auto glass parts being replaced. It is similar to the glass installed in your new cars. In some cases we use Similar Brands that are never considered the Same. Click on an image below for more information on glass auto manufacturers.

OEM Brands

  • AGC - Japan Made Vechicles
  • AP Tech - Honda, Lexus
  • Carlite - Ford, Mazda Pickup, Lincoln, Mercury
  • Crinamex -- Chevy, Chrysler, Ford, Nissan, Volkswagen
  • FYG - Audi, Chevy, Ford, FIAT, GMC, Honda, Mazda, Volvo
  • Guardian - Chevy, Chevrolet
  • LOF- Chevy, Honda, Toyota
  • L-N- Toyota
  • Mopar - Chrysler & Dodge
  • PGW - Ford, Chevy, Chrysler, Dodge, Honda, Hyundai,
  • Pilkington - 1 in 5 have a Pinkington brand glass
  • PPG - See PGW above new name
  • Sekurit Saint-Gobain


If you are unsure of the brand on your auto glass part see our slideshow Auto Glass Bugs for more information.
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