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Ford Expedition 2007-2011 Acoustic Interlayer Carlite Windshield Replacement


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Thank you for viewing our slide show on the replacement of a 2010 Ford Expedition front windshield with an Acoustic Interlayer. The Acoustic Interlayer will keep the cabin noise down by about 2-5 db on the inside as the vehicle manufacture intended in this model. There are other auto glass manufacturers that have the acoustic feature made into there windshields. They all have their logo identifying the acoustic property on the glass located on the bug. The Carlite Brand glass will be the best fit and the rearview mirror seems to fit snug onto the windshield. Whenever we replace the windshield in a Ford Expedition we remove the wipers and cowl. The cowl is the black plastic piece below the wiper and above the windshield. Some companies may not do this to save time but we found that by removing the cowl we are able to set the new windshield on top of the seal versa sliding it under. By doing this it will reduce air noise and insure a better seal. Next we remove the side moldings that pull half way back or even with the top of the roof. The top molding could be saved but we always like to replace this since the original adhesive adheres partial to the old windshield and the molding as it is removed.

I always like to say it's like putting a piece of tape on a piece of paper and removing it and trying to make it stick again. Once all the moldings are removed the windshield is cut out and set on a windshield stand. Normally the pinchweld is full of dirt and grime from the roads we have here in Houston, TX. So cleaning this area is a must to insure that the new seal and primer will have a clean surface when applied. Next I trimmed the old seal down to 2-5 mm thin and re-clean the pinchweld with water and clean towels. After the water has evaporated I prime the pinchweld to insure no future rust will form. While the primer is drying or flashing I will clean the windshield, apply the new molding, transfer all stickers including the EZ-tag if present, rear view mirror and place two suction cups onto the windshield. We use two people with suction cups to place the new windshield onto the body of the vehicle for better placement. The urethane that we use is Adco Titan Pro 1 with a 1 Hour-Safe-Drive-Away-Time. After every set we document the time the glass is set along with the time it is safe to drive. All materials used to install the windshield are log onto the invoice for future reference and accountability. And of course we put everything back together as it was originally.

To sum it all up it normally takes about 30 minutes to remove the cowl and windshield, 10 minutes to trim and clean the pinchweld, 10 minutes to insure it good and dry, 5 minutes to prime the pinchweld, 20 to 30 minutes to clean the windshield, transfer all stickers, install the rear-view mirror, put new molding on, place 2 suction cups onto the windshield and get the urethane ready for the installation. The total job takes about 2 to 2.5 hours to complete including the safe-drive-away-time.


     Important Notice:  There are other windshield part numbers that fits this Ford Expedition that may not be an Acoustic Interlayer but will fit your vehicle. You can view the Slide Show on Bugs/Logos that are on the windshield to verify that you are actually purchasing a Acoustic Interlayer windshield. At the time this was posted China Made windshields do not have the Acoustic Interlayer properties made into the glass.

     These prices below are an estimate and the actual price may vary depending on availability of the auto glass part from our suppliers and brand used. The price includes everything seen above in our slide show but does not include any rust repair or Cowl Clips that may break. Call for details or fill in our form on our Pricing Page.


Updated on July 9, 2012

  • Windshield With Third Visor Frit and Acoustic Interlayer - OEM Carlite $355 plus tax
  • Windshield With Third Visor Frit and Non-acoustic Interlayer- OEE call for pricing 832-413-2253



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