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Freelance Auto Glass Installer

By Chris Hernandez on March 16, 2013

     A prospect came to our shop this past Wednesday on March 13, 2013 with a problem with his 2009 Honda Pilot back glass that had been replaced. Don't want to use his real name so we'll call him Mr. P. Well, Mr. P actually received a price quote from Deborah but thought he could save a dime by hiring a #freelance #autoglass #installer. Mr. P did initially saved a couple hundred dollars over our quote but the installer removed the rear wiper assembly including the wiper arm said it was bent and put a piece of duct tape over the hole in the glass. The job was performed outside and it was about to rain so it was a rush job according to Mr. P. We both insisted to the client to contact the installer so that he may rectify the problem. But the customer said he found them online and they did not have a shop. He met them somewhere on the road for the installation. With no recourse receipt nor warranty Mr. P has no recourse since he is unable to find their phone number.


     I looked at the rear wiper as he held it in his hand and showed him the seams were meant to be there to give it the shape necessary to operate. We came to the conclusion the installer may have realized the back glass wiper hole did not align with the rear wiper motor post. The customer wanted us to install the rear wiper motor but I informed him that if the back glass broke during the installation we could not be held responsible. And if the wiper didn't work he would still have to pay for the labor. At the moment he is driving around with a piece of gray duct tape covering the hole where water has been possibly seeping through. Imagine the damage the water could possibly cause to his electronic wiring harness on his rear hatch.


     Now Mr. P will have to pay more money to have the wiper arm assembly reattach to his rear hatch. If it doesn't align then he'll have to pay for a new back window. And if the wiper doesn't work then he'll pay twice for the labor. Anyway you look at it Mr. P saved money upfront but is paying dearly now.

Auto Back Glass Replacement Slide Show

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